Wrist Trick For Stronger Press And Get Up…

Happy almost-over Monday to you.

Sorry for the late email – but running behind
from the RKC weekend.

It was a great time!

Anyway, just wanted to share this quick tip
about your wrist positioning for the Press
and GU –

Turn your hand/wrist only 45 degrees from
your body instead of having your palm facing
directly away from you at during the entire GU
and throughout most of the Press.

Here’s why it works –

It helps you keep your shoulder “packed”
(pulled down and in with the lat) by clearing
or creating space in that smashed up
front part of your shoulder.

This new position makes such a big difference
in keeping your shoulder protected and

I demo’d this at the RKC this past weekend
and just about all the candidates agreed that
it made a profound difference.

Give it a shot during your practice sessions.

Then use it on any programs containing the
Press or the Get UP – programs like these:


Talk soon.


P.S. You may want to start a little lighter
than normal when you do this – just because
it’s a new motion and all and you want to stay

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