You Get This?

I hope you had a great weekend.

I did.

Took my son to a Christmas play yesterday for a “Daddy date.”

LOVE those times together.

I just wanted to make sure you got this new Special Report I wrote for you.

In fact, it’s my Christmas / Hanukkah / Holiday gift to you.

The best part about it is it includes 38 different workout examples you can model if you’re feeling pinched for time right about now.

(Man, hard to believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!)

And –

These workouts only take 15 minutes to do.

Download your copy here.



PS – These are the Exact Same Principles I’m currently using right now during my crazy December schedule. They provide me with peace of mind, stress relief, and even though the workouts are purposefully short, I’m still gaining strength. (I measure everything.)

They’ll work for you too.

Download your Special Report here.

PPS – If you’re feeling stressed out about not having enough time to get your workouts in, this Special Report called “Kettlebell PFT Training” will help you out BIG TIME.

It’s my Christmas / Hanukkah / Holiday gift to you. :-)

Download it here.

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