Your 3 Quick Kettlebell Workouts (Inside…)

You ever get stuck in a rut?

Or maybe just or pinched for time due
to a big project at work?

Or maybe it’s just a season in life
where your time’s not your own (I’m
about to enter that season…)

No matter the reason, you know that
you still need to stay in shape.

Well, I’m about to hit that season in
life where my time will be at a premium.

So in that spirit, here’s a couple of
QUICK and Simple KB workouts
you can do anytime to get closer
to your goals without giving up:
3 Quick KB Workouts

I. Really Fast 10s!

– Set timer for 10 minutes
– Superset 10 Push-Ups and 10 2H
– Do as many rounds as you can in
those 10 minutes.
– Wipe sweat off body and floor.

II. Gettin’ Down With the GU

– Set timer for 10 minutes
– Grab a light KB
– Do the Kalos Sthenos GU for
without stopping.
– Spend most of your time on the
“sticky” parts of the movement.
– Done when timer goes off.

III. The “I Need Some Support”

– Set your timer for 5 minutes.
– Start with your weaker side.
– Hold the KB overhead either
stationary or walking for as long
as you can.
– When you get tired, drop to the
– When you get tired, lower to your
side and hold in “suitcase” position.
– Done with that side when timer
goes off.
– Reset timer for 5 minutes.
– Repeat with stronger side.

Ok, try those out. They may not be
“sexy” but they’ll work.

And don’t worry, if they feel to “easy”
or you feel too “advanced” for them,
just use heavier KB.

Gotta run.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. If none of those suit your fancy
(as they say in jolly ol’ England) you
can always do a 10 minute Snatch
Test or 10 minute C+J Test – seeing
how many reps you can get done in
those 10 minutes.

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