Your Burgers, Brats, And Beer Workout (4th Of July Fireworks Not Included)

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!

The day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence
from a tyrannical government who taxed us too much
without fair representation.

And if you’re anything like me, there’s a very good chance that

you are going to be not only celebrating with some fireworks
and sparklers tonight, but there’s also going to be some
burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, and beer at some point today.Mmm-mmmm delicious!

Anyway, here’s a quick prescription to not only make room
for all that fatty and foamy goodness, but to turn your body
into it’s own “fireworks factory” and burn off anything excessive
this weekend.

Here’s how you get it done:

1. Skip breakfast this morning.

That’s right, baby, no breaky-break for you.

Why not?

Because when you extend your fast to around lunchtime, you
increase your fat burning enzymes and burn nuthin’ but pure

Plus, there’s some research I’ve read recently that this puts you
in a slightly adrenalized state which means you have more
“Grrrrrrrr!!!” in and for your workout, which you’ll need for
today’s fare.

2. Perform the following either as a complex or, if you’re feeling
brave, a chain.

Here’s today’s mission, should you choose to accept it:

Double High Pull        x10
Double Snatch            x10
Double Push Press      x10

That’s right – 10 reps of each.

Oh, and use a pair of relatively light KBs. The key is to move
the bells as explosively as possible on each and every rep.

Remember, for a complex you’ll perform all 10 reps of the
Double High Pull first, then move on to the Double Snatch,
then move on to the Double Push Press for the last set of
10 reps.

Ouch is right.

Now if you choose to go the chain route, you’ll do 1 rep of
the Double High Pull, then 1 rep of the Double Snatch, then
1 rep of the Double Push Press… 10 times.

It doesn’t matter which you choose right now, as you’ll see
in a second, but I personally think the chain is harder because
the fatigue isn’t as localized, so you can put more force into
each rep.

How many sets?

Just 3.

Yeah… “Just.”

That’s 90 reps.

And set your timer and time yourself cause your rest is
twice as long as it took you to do your set.

So if it takes you 90s to get a set, you’ll rest a full 3 minutes
before you do the other set.

3. Enjoy your brats, burgers, and frosty beverages.

4. Wake up on Saturday, skip breakfast again, and do the
same workout but if you did a chain on Friday, you’ll do a
complex today. And vice versa.

If you like this little “beasty” it’s called, appropriately, the
“Ballistic Beatdown” and it’s from “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

It’s a real fat burner.


Because explosive exercise has been shown to not only be
a massive calorie burner both before and after workouts –

Especially when you use higher reps like you do in this

… But explosive exercise has also been shown to increase
your insulin sensitivity and glucose management, which simply
means, less of the carbs you eat turn to fat.

Anyway, the “Ballistic Beatdown” is 3 days a week for only
6 weeks and it’ll strip, rip, and virtually beat the bodyfat off
your body if you combine it with a fat loss diet, which is
conveniently included in “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

And as a way to celebrate our nation’s Independence from
those once-snooty monarchists (sorry British friends – you
were), you can grab your copy of “More Kettlebell Muscle”
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Enjoy your 4th – and don’t forget to slow down, and enjoy a
cold one for me.

(You thought I was going to say “don’t forget to drink responsibly,”
didn’t you. ;-] )

Talk soon.


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