Your Butt (Shocking!)

I know – classy.

But look, if you’re reading this, than chances are better
than good that you’re doing it sitting on your butt.

Of course, you could be standing in line or walking (WATCH
OUT!) reading this on your smart phone.

Regardless, your body and your head are undoubtedly in
positions they’re used to being in, but aren’t meant to live
in –

Flexed and hunched forward.

And that’s cool if you’re trying to look like a turtle or
imitate a rollie-pollie, but for pretty much every other
part of life, that position is a bad place to live.


Simple – your body follows your head.

And if you’re sitting on your butt reading this than you’re
head is most likely pulled forward as you squint to read
this (depending on your email server’s font size) and that
means your whole body is going to be stuck in flexion.

“So what’s the big deal?” you say?

Well I’m not sayin’ for certain, but you think the reason
you can’t get your arm straight over your head on your KB
presses or your elbow bends on your snatch lockouts “*might*
have something to do with it?

Fortunately there’s a simple and easy fix.

It’s a little book called “Becoming Bulletproof.”

It’s a series of simple resets that can make a BIG
DIFFERENCE in the way you look, feel, move and perform.

Did I mention that they’re simple – like do them in 5 minutes
or so simple – once you learn them?

In fact, they’re so simple, they don’t necessarily work as
written in the book for some people.


Dat don’t make no sense…

Hold on – lemme explain…

These “resets” are simply pieces of developmental movements
that we all go through.

However, some of us need to break down these movements –
these “resets” – into even simpler resets – or “regressions.”

And don’t worry – they’re really simple too. Especially when
you see how they’re derived from the other resets.

And you’ll learn them all including some common (yet simple)
mistakes people make when they’re doing the resets when you
register today for the upcoming “Becoming Bulletproof”
workshop in Boston, MA.

Register here.

Now I know what you’re thinking – cause I thought it too.

If this stuff is “So-o-o-o-o simple” then why are there even
regressions and why do you need to learn them?

Great question.

As I mentioned earlier, the regressions are just pieces of the
resets – or parts – that you already *know* – you’ve already
done them – you’re brain just needs to be reminded of them.

And sometimes they’re the missing pieces in the movement
puzzle – from getting you off your butt on the sidelines and
back into your own game of life.

You’ll learn them all when you attend the upcoming “Becoming
Bulletproof” seminar.

Register here.

You know what the best part about the resets and regressions

They’re simple to learn and simple to use and they’ll get you
off your butt in a heartbeat.

And because they’re so simple and easy to use, you’ll be able
effortlessly fit them into your busy schedule and do them every

Get off your butt ( ;-] )and learn them here.

Talk soon.


P.S. By the way – did you know that sitting on your butt all
day long makes your butt weaker? When you do the “Becoming
Bulletproof” resets and learn the “regressions” your butt
will become stronger. And perkier too – if you’re into or need
that sort of thing… Just sayin’…

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