Your Christmas Workout Plan

Christmas Eve.

So much left to do –

Last minute shopping…

Last minute cooking…

Last minute wrapping…

Last minute workouts…

Let’s face it – your ability to work out among family
obligations over the next 3 days, and to be honest, til
New Year, is going to be next to nil.

However, if you have 8 minutes and a pair of KBs, I’ll
show you how not only can you get a great workout, but
how to put all those excess Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday
calories you’re eating to good – no – GREAT use.

Everyone is putting their holiday calories on lay-a-way –

They’re eating, with guilt and shame, and their only
plan is that they’ll pay for it in the new year.

You don’t have to do that.

If you’re not already on a post-season or fat loss plan
(both of which I’ve written about since around Thanksgiving),
you can use those extra calories to build some muscle.

All you’ll need is a pair of kettlebells that you can
Clean + Press for a 10-12 rep max and 4 to 8 minutes
(after a warm up).

The program is called “Double Stuff” and it’s the most
time efficient muscle building program I know of.

Here are the program details:

[+] Use a 10-12 rep max on your Double Clean + Press

[+] 4 weeks long, 3 days a week

[+] 4 exercises, A/B split, 2 exercises per workout

[+] Uses the Interval and Repeated Effort methods

[+] Workouts take between 4 and 8 minutes, depending
on what workout number you’re completing

[+] Challenging, demanding, and fun! PERFECT for stress

There’s no fancy sales letter or anything like that.

When you click the link below, you’ll be taken straight
to the confirmation page, then the shopping cart where
you can check out and then get immediate access to the
“Double Stuff” program.

Click here to get the “Double Stuff” program.

Once you download the program, give it a quick read through,
and then get cracking.

Like I said, the first workout will take you 8 minutes.

Just think, 23 minutes from now and you’ll start using
those extra calories for muscle-building fuel.

(23 minutes = 5 minutes to check out, 5 minutes to read
the program details, 5 minutes to warm up, and 8 minutes
of work.)

And you’ll be ready to enjoy your Christmas Eve festivities
or the last night of Hanukkah.

Take tomorrow off, and spend another whopping 8 minutes on
Saturday using those Christmas calories to keep on building

The best part?

While everyone else is scrambling to get on their fat loss
program in the New Year, you can take care of other, more
important business for most of January, like focusing on
other more important goals –

Like how to get that big promotion or be more productive
with your time. (4 to 8 minute workouts will certainly
help on the productivity front.)

Don’t put this off any longer –

Today is your last chance to get your copy of the “Double
Stuff” time efficient muscle building plan.

Get it here.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. Almost forgot – these workouts are so intense that
there’s a very good chance that you’ll hack of a lil’
bit of body fat along with that muscle you’ll be building,
just like John did.

And that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

It’s like finding that last little, but valuable present that
you’d been secretly hoping for but weren’t sure you’d
actually get down in the toe of your Christmas stocking.

Get your copy of the “Double Stuff” program here.

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