Your Goals? (How To Reverse Engineer For Best Results.)

I remember it like yesterday.

It was like a punch in the gut.

It was September 2010 and I was at a weekend seminar. It
was my second 3 day seminar in a week. I had taught at an
RKC the weekend before.

And apparently, my body, not used to all the sitting (and squishing)
into airline seats and rental cars, was not happy.

So much so, I felt a “pop” in my lower back as I reached across
into the passenger seat to get something on a 2+ hour drive
from the Philly airport to Northern NJ.

The rest of the weekend my left hip was sore.

And getting more sore by the minute.

And that soreness was spreading into my lower back.

And no matter what I did, I couldn’t “fix” it – or at least I didn’t
have time to. I had to participate in the workshop.

Here I was a Master RKC and I was injured. Again.


My wife was 3 months pregnant with our first child – a son.

On the first day of the workshop, with the main stage to my
left, while trying to “fix” myself, I made a vow.

No more.


I quit trying to chase strength at the expense of everything

Sure, it had some pretty good professional perks, but the
downside was, if I didn’t figure things out – and quickly –

And this was the punch in the gut –

I would rob my son of a future.

His childhood would be marked by a broken dad – one who
couldn’t run, jump, roll, get down on the ground, wrestle, and
play with him.

My injuries would exempt me from his life.


And I couldn’t let that happen.

What’s the BIG deal you say?

I’m 42.

My daughter is about to be 18 months old and my son just
turned 4.

That means, I have to be fit, healthy, and active until I’m 60.

At least.

When most people are entering or are already grandparenting,
I’ll be sending my daughter out of the nest at the ripe young
age of 18 (or thereabouts).

Which brings me to MY #1 goal:

I will ALWAYS be physically strong, healthy, and conditioned, to
be able to play with my kids – in EVERY way.

Now that may not seem very specific – but believe me – it is.

There are things I won’t do (based on past experiences) that
would jeopardize that goal.


There are things I HAVE to do in order to maintain that goal.

What about you?

What are your goals? 

Your #1 goal?

Do you know how to reach it?

The best course of action is to look at the end and work back
from there

Reverse Engineer it.

Here’s what I did:

I had spent 15 years loading the posterior chain with Olympic
lifting and heavy KB lifting and neglecting pretty much everything

So, I did two things:

1. I committed to doing as much Original Strength work
as possible in order to rehab my injuries and regain my
body’s natural ability to move.

2. I quit barbell and KB lifting and focused on anterior chain
dominant bodyweight workouts that were predominantly
gymnastic movement based to work on the majority of my
weaknesses – especially abdominal.

The result?

Today, 5 years later, there really isn’t anything physical
that I can’t do.

Sure it took some time, but, hey, time was, and still is, on my

And it’s on your side too.

So don’t let artificial deadlines pressure you.

Sure, 12 week challenges and the such are great.

But think “Big Picture.”

Where will you be 1 year from now?

5 years?



Then work backward from there.

One thing most people miss in planning their physical goals
is the importance of strength.

It’s the foundation for ALL other activities.

So plan your programming on the basis of strength.

Or on a strength base.

The stronger you are, the easier it is to do everything else:

– Lose body fat (a.k.a.: Weight)
– Improve your conditioning (endurance based events)
– And even build muscle

This isn’t guessing on my part.

This is SCIENCE.

The stronger you are, the more “capacity” you have.

The greater your ability to “do work.”

How then do you train for strength?

Low reps.

Heavier kettlebells.

More rest. (But not too much.)

It’s pretty simple.

My favorite way to train for strength with kettlebells?

Use two.

I’ve laid everything you need to know about using a pair
of kettlebells to get stronger here.

Included is a PROVEN program you can follow.

This becomes a foundation you can build everything
else upon.

Remember, think LONG TERM and keep your endgame in

Then reverse engineer how you’re going to get there.

Talk soon.


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