Your Kettlebell Upgrade?

I had to travel back to North Carolina last weekend.

The way I do it drives my wife and my business partner nuts.

I typically wait until about 10-14 days for my domestic trips
to get my tickets.


Because I can usually get cheaper flights.

However, this last trip backfired on me – at least a little bit.

Sure, I got good pricing but – and maybe this has happened
to you – I got terrible seating.

The middle.

(Cue music: Dun-dun-dunnnn…)

I HATE the middle. 


Because I hate rubbing shoulders with people and feeling
like I’m wedged in tight like a sardine. And it feels like
an invasion of my space and privacy.

Plus, I usually tend to do work on these cross-country

And sitting in the middle is totally not conducive to getting
any work done.

In fact, it’s conducive to getting ZERO work done.


I upgraded.

I paid a little extra cha-ching for an emergency exit seat.


Once on the flight out. And once on the flight back.

“Isn’t that a waste of money” you ask?


Not to me.

I can’t get emergency exit row seating booking through
Expedia or Orbitz so I’d have to buy the upgrade anyway.

And the “extra” money I pay I can justify with increased
productivity – getting work done when I can – when I
should – without taking time away from my family.

Sometimes it’s hard to justify paying “extra” for things.

Only you know what they’re worth to you.

I tend to pay for things that:

+  Increase my productivity
+  Shortcut the time it takes to do a task (get results
+  Allows me to spend more time with my family

That last one is a BIGGIE for me.

Professionally designed kettlebell programs are like

They’re designed to save you time and energy by
getting you results faster than you could by trying
to figure out your own programming.

It’s the difference between tying to do your own
plumbing on a Saturday morning as a CPA or calling
a plumber so you can go to the beach with your family.

One is more enjoyable and is – 9 times out of 10 –
going to have a better outcome in way less time.

What’s your time and energy worth?

Talk soon.


P.S. Here’s a professionally designed, time-efficient
kettlebell program.

It’s the fastest way to learn the most time efficient method
of kettlebell training that yields the biggest results – double
KB training.

It’s your kettlebell workout upgrade.

No, it’s not “free.”

But that’s the point – it’ll get you where you want to go
faster than doing it on your own, saving you time and
energy in the process.

But it’s only for people who don’t like being stuck
in the middle.

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