Your New “Flexible” Training Plan [INSIDE]

We were sitting on the deck last night, my wife sipping a
glass of terrible red, watching the sprinklers, talking.

My wife was baring her heart to me, pouring out her
frustrations (not for you to hear – sorry – some things remain
private) and she said she made a decision about her

I won’t tell you exactly what she said, but when she was
done, I thought, “good for you.”

See, she’d had enough.

She’s been frustrated by a life unpredictability and irregularity –

Which happens when you have a 3-year old and a 6 month
old. The only thing you can count on is the unpredictability.

You’re schedule has to be “flexible.”

So her workouts have to be “flexible” too if she wants to
accomplish her goals.

That got me to thinking:

One of the reasons so many people struggle to be consistent
with their workouts – even simple KB workouts – is because
they believe their workouts need to be set in stone.

“Thou shalt do 100 snatches…”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s how you overcome that faulty thinking – use the following
maxim that I’ve used with my clients who struggle with
consistency for years:

“Something is better than nothing.”

It’s better to have a “plan” of just doing something a minimum
of 3 days a week than having something written in stone.

(This coming from a guy who personally writes everything
in stone, but whatever. I’m learning to write things in sand

So here’s a flexible program that you can do in as little as
3 days a week, and as many as 6.

It’ll only take you 15-20 minutes – you decide exactly which –
and it can vary from day to day.

Day 1. Pull

Day 2. Push

Day 3. Squat


Here’s the daily template:

After your warm up (use OS):

5-10 minutes practicing technique (which can be thought
of an extended or specific warm up)

10-15 minutes of your workout

Here’s what it could look like:

Day 1: Single or Double – Swing, Clean, High Pull

Day 2: Single or Double – Get Up (single, obviously), Press,
Push Press, Jerk

Day 3: Goblet Squat, Front Squat, Double Front Squat

Then you can repeat this on days 4, 5, and 6.

Pretty simple – 15-20 minutes a day.

This begs a question:

Why would you want to do this as opposed to just swings?

Two reasons:

1. Not everyone has the personality to do the same workout
day in and day out.

We need variety. In fact, we as humans actually thrive on

There’s nothing wrong with being an “Iron Monk” – there’s
just a price to be paid for it.

2. Neuronal pruning.


Yeah, the “use it or lose it” principal. It really happens in
your brain. Your brain literally “prunes” synaptic connections
it doesn’t use anymore.

That’s why movements you haven’t performed in long periods
of time feel awkward and weak. Your brain literally has
“forgotten” how to perform them.

And one of the keys to having a long, healthy, and happy
life is to be able to move as much as you can and want.

Back to the “flexible” program:

If you really want to have “fun,” days 1-3 can be single KB
and days 4-6 can be double KB work.

Seriously though, make sure you’ve got your technique down.

Even if you do, it still makes good sense to practice it a
little every time you visit the exercise.

For double kettlebell work, make sure you have a copy of
“Kettlebell STRONG!”.

In it you’ll learn everything you need know about training
all the major double KB lifts:

– swing
– snatch
– clean
– press
– high pull
– front squat
– push press
– jerk
– clean + jerk

PLUS – you’ll discover the major technique mistakes most people
make that not only rob them of their strength, but can also
leas to injury over time.

AND – you’ll learn how to correct those mistakes, which will
shorten your learning curve and alleviate frustration.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. When life finally normalizes for you, you can start the
“STRONG!” program
and really start seeing total body
changes in strength, body fat, etc…

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