Your New PRs… (Personal Records)

Lemme ask you a question:

When was the last time you set a legitimate Personal
Record / Personal Best?

Been awhile?

Well there’s a reason why.



Oh, yeah, ok – that’s a fair question.

Besides that Muscle Up last Sunday?

Last Friday.

I jumped under a snatch with 80kg for 3 reps.

Oh, and I was wearing flat soled shoes – facing uphill.

(Did I mention that I’m 40? ;-] )

Here’s a pic from a video clip from a set with 50kg earlier in
the week.


What’s so special about that?

Well if you’ve ever seen Olympic lifters, they wear shoes
with elevated heels – a wedge. This allows them to stay
more upright.

So I did the OPPOSITE.

Not only did I take the heel away, I was pulling with my feet
in the opposite position.

What’s my point and what does this have to do with you?


I’ve finally learned how to move my body.

See, that’s something most KB users don’t know how to

They think kettlebell training is all about the kettlebell.

It’s NOT.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Truth is that the KB does exactly what your body
(a.k.a. YOU) tell it to do.

It reacts to your action.

That’s why if you’re technique is off, then you’ll either –

a) stay weak and fat


b) get injured, then get weak and fat

Sorry to be such a downer, but those really are the only
two options.

Cause there is no standing still – you’re either going forward –
routinely setting PRs –

Or you’re going backwards.

Which one are you doing?

When you’re tired of going backwards and want to start
routinely setting PRs, then you need to learn how to use
your body to get your kettlebells to do what you want them
to do -

Here’s where you start doing that (and start routinely setting
PRs again.)

Talk soon.


P.S. I know I may sound obnoxious routinely bringing up
my age – 40 – but I do that to prove a point:

You are NEVER too old to –

a) learn something new

b) make progress


c) enjoy life

This will help you with all 3.

P.P.S. You may be wondering why I’m showing you
pictures of the Olympic lifts when we both know you’re
interested in KBs.


The answer is three-fold:

1. The Olympic lifts require extreme amounts of flexibility
and mobility, along with strength and power – think ballet
with weights.

2. I’m known as the “double kettlebell guy” and that’s because
I love Olympic lifting and double KB training is basically
Olympic lifting for normal people.

3. I wanted to prove that the info found inside Original
Strength was so powerful that it could get me back under
the bar – doing full snatches and full cleans.

It has – I haven’t been “under the bar” since my last
meet in November 2007.

So what about you?

What haven’t you been able to do that you want to?

Are you doing the same things over and over again hoping
that something will change or worse, have you given up

You don’t have to do either.

There is a powerful PR producing alternative.

It’s worked for me.

It’s worked for hundreds, if not thousands of others.

And it’ll work for you.

Check it out.

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