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Life is so funny – especially out here in the high desert.

Yesterday it was 74 and sunny – nary a cloud in the sky.


37, overcast, and foggy. (Literally HALF as warm…)

Good thing I know spring is coming, followed by summer,

That way I’m not trapped by my circumstances or by only
what I see in front of me.

I KNOW better days are coming and I can prepare for them.

Eerie parallels to our kettlebell workouts.

For some people, they’re workouts get done based on how
they “feel” at any given moment on any given day –

“Wahhhh…. I had a bad day… I don’t “feel” like working
out.  I’m going to eat a pint of chocolate ice cream instead…

it’s like to… BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH…>

For others, they acknowledge that they may not “feel” like
working out because they had a bad day, but they committed to
themselves and/or others – so they put on the big boy or big
girl pants and work out anyway.

Speaking of working out – I’ve had some great questions about
my new program, Kettlebell 365.

Q: Is Kettlebell 365 for beginners?

A: Nope. You should be somewhat familiar with the major
single kettlebell exercises. If you’re a novice kettlebell user
and want a program, email me back and I’ll tell you how you
can get a copy of my beginner program, “Swing Seasons.”

Q: Do I need a lot of kettlebells for Kettlebell 365?

A: No, not “a lot.” You might want to have a few. Generally,
especially in the early months, we’ll be using medium sized
(for you) kettlebells and we will never train to failure or “on
the edge” – where you’ll need to exert “maximum attempt”

Q: Wait, I thought you were the double kettlebell guy – why
are you suddenly using single kettlebells? Did you change
your mind or your philosophy?

A: Ha ha ha – Yeah, I guess I am known as the “double kettlebell
guy,” but no, I’ve never changed my philosophy. I have always
believed and advocated that you need to start your KB training
with the single KB lifts. When you’re ready, then you move
on to double KB lifts.

However, many people, based on their current conditions – you
know, their “mileage” – will never be ready without a helping
hand. That’s one of the reasons for Kettlebell 365.

It takes all the “common” issues, helps you overcome them,
and then logically progresses you to be able to handle the
double KB training without breaking.

So I’m bridging the gap – using the same principles and
methods I’ve successfully used with my private clients – to
the Kettlebell Secrets community.

Sign up for Kettlebell 365 here.

Q: Why is Kettlebell 365 an “annual plan” – what exactly
you mean by that?

A: Great question. Kettlebell 365 is named that way because
it’s got the next 365 days – the next year – of your training
taken care of for you.

In sports/athletics (and life), there are seasons. And in the
case of athletics and nature, they are annual.

For the athlete you have pre-season, in-season, post-season, and
off-season. And each season has different goals and purposes,
all designed to get the athlete to perform at his or her highest

Why should kettlebell training be any different?

It shouldn’t.

And the fact that many people (maybe you?) wander from
one program to the next throughout the year, and over the
course of many years, without much to show for their efforts,
proves that they need direction – guidance – a bigger picture –

And a better plan to help them realize that bigger picture.

Kettlebell 365 is that plan. It’s 12 months – based on 4 phases
that I’ve identified – each building upon the former – to get
you in the best possible shape.

The 4 Phases (which can be used multiple times throughout
the year), are:

Phase 1: Get Rid of Your Weaknesses
Phase 2: Get Stronger
Phase 3: Get Leaner
Phase 4: Get More Muscular

There is ample scientific evidence that this is the best, most
productive cycle, you can put yourself through. (See my
previous emails for the “why’s.”)

You can plug into Kettlebell 365 and take advantage of my
22 years of professional training experience, including being
a Master Kettlebell Instructor and teaching and presenting
kettlebell training all over the world, or you can put something
together yourself. Either way, the choice is yours.

(Obviously, I hope you’ll take the Kettlebell 365 opportunity
because it will save you a lot of wasted time and heartache,
trying to figure this stuff out on your own only to fail.)

Get started in Kettlebell 365 here.

Q: I have ______ injury. Is Kettlebell 365 for me?

A: If you’re doctor has cleared you for working out, then it
might be, depending on your injury. Kettlebell 365 isn’t
designed to deal with acute injury rehab. That’s what medical
professionals are for.

However, once you’ve been cleared by your medical pro,
then you’ll still have to deal with the faulty movement patterns
and resulting compensations, assuming you’re not recovering
from a contact injury – like getting hit in the knee while playing
football or something like that.

If you don’t, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get injured
again because nothing has changed for the better in your body.

Q: Honestly, Geoff, Kettlebell 365 is pretty expensive. I’m
not sure I can afford it.

A: Hey, don’t worry about it – I know what you mean. We all
have limited resources and have to decide what to do with
them each month. Take a pass.

However, if you’re still reading this and that little voice is
telling you to take a closer look, here’s how I justify my
spending – maybe it will help you out:

I look to see if there are things I can cut back on – you know –
swap out – for the thing(s) I want. For example, I used to buy
coffee at Starbucks almost every day.

After realizing I was spending about $2.60 per day, 5 to 6 days
a week – or about $78 per month – I soon figured I could spend
that money on other things that I actually needed.

So I saved it and started getting ground coffee from the grocery

Know what? I discovered that I actually liked the grocery store
coffee much better and it only took a whopping 2 or 3 minutes
of my time setting up the coffee maker.

If you’re on the fence about Kettlebell 365, I’m betting there
are similar things in your life where you can make substitutions
like I did.

Q: I don’t know… A year is an awfully long time to commit
to something like this. I’m afraid to invest my time and
energy into this in case it doesn’t work.

A: I totally get it.

How many years do you think you have left on this planet?
And how are you going to spend them?

I don’t know about you, but I plan on “wearing out” instead
of “rusting out.”

I will work out until the day I day because working out keeps
me healthy and strong, giving me the energy and the confidence
I need to do the things I want to do and need to do.

So, if you’re just “trying on” this kettlebell workout thing –
than yeah, I totally get it.

If you’re going to work out anyway, why try to re-invent
the wheel yourself?

Why not just save your time and energy and put them toward
other things that interest you?

Worst case scenario with Kettlebell 365 is you get into it – you
do Month 1 – and it doesn’t work for you. Then you get a refund
and cancel your membership. No harm, no foul.

Second worst case scenario – you get however many months
into it and you don’t like it or whatever, and you cancel your

Either way, you can’t lose. It’s better than “workout hopping”
or doing the WOD or whatever.

Sign up for Kettlebell 365 here.

Q: I’m currently in the middle of XYZ program. Should I
this and join Kettlebell 365?

A: Of course you should! Kidding… Kind of…

Look, I can’t tell you what to do here. I’m a BIG believer in
finishing what I start, unless of course what I’m currently
doing isn’t working for me.

How do I know if what I’m doing isn’t working for me?

I measure and track everything about my workouts. I can tell
by the numbers whether I’m making progress. Right now I’m
in a strength cycle. So that’s what I care about. When I’m in
a fat loss cycle, I care about the numbers on the tape measure
and the pants, along with the reflection in the mirror.

And yeah, I recently had to stop what I was committed to
workout-wise and change what I was doing, because no matter
how much I “loved it,” the numbers just weren’t there to
justify me continuing.

So, if what you’re doing is definitively working for you –
that is – you can see measurable results – then stick with it.
If not, sounds like Kettlebell 365 is the change you need to

Q: How do I know Kettlebell 365 will work for me?

A: Great question! Let me answer it with another question:

How do you know it won’t?

Skepticism is healthy. I’m naturally a skeptic. That’s why
I’ve tested this 4 Phase Cycle out for the last who knows how
many years… At least 5 I’d say – since 2010.

All I can say is sign up and take it for a spin. You can use my
years and years of experience training individuals like yourself
(and other trainers – half of which make up my private coaching
clientele) to your advantage.

You can get rid of the guesswork – or the same old boring
workout that you’ve been doing for who knows how long.
Either way – certainty and specialized variety for the sake of
progress are very good things.

My challenge to you is simply this:

Where will you be this time next year if you don’t enroll?
Same place? Better? Worse?

Do you know for sure? Or are you just “hoping?”

Hope is certainly good – but like one of my mentor’s says,
“Hope is not a course of action.”

I know for sure that when you join Kettlebell 365 you will
have a proven course of action to get you results – whatever
“results” means to you – able to fit in your skinny pants,
regaining the energy you had when you were younger,
feeling like you have that “presence” in the boardroom again…

Sign up for Kettlebell 365 here.

That’s pretty much it for now.

If you have a question I didn’t answer, feel free to email me
and I’ll get back to you.

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot –

People have been asking how long I’m going to leave
Kettlebell 365 open to join.

I honestly don’t know.

I do know this though:

If you are looking for a change and want to see measurable
results from your kettlebell workouts, then Kettlebell 365
“is your bag, baby” (to quote Austin Powers).

Jump in here.

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