Your Questions Answered…

I’ve gotten some really good questions from readers asking for some
more details about the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program.

So I’ve reprinted them and the answers below for your convenience
along with the answers to some other questions you may have.

Q: I am very interested in the program. I always trust you and have
no problem investing in myself or you. My question at 59 years of
age and a female that has back issues but I have much more mobility
using original strength resets. I am strong I do some of your programs
but I’m not sure if the issues for weight with me are hormonal, not
the right nutrition or the combination of both.

Do you have anyone in my age bracket you have had success with?
I want to look and feel fit and strong.

A: I’ve trained many women across all age categories, including some
40, some over 50. And one of my best clients I trained through her 60s
and into her 70s! She was strong as an ox! For her, her weight ALWAYS
fluctuated, as did my female clients in their 50s, based on what they did
or didn’t eat.

At the risk of sounding to blunt or forward, so forgive me in advance,
at 59 I’m guessing your past menopause, so that shouldn’t be much of
an issue, unless you’re going the HRT route.

The good thing is that the nutrition section in the program gives you
very good guidelines that I personally and my clients have had success

As far as the lower back issues, I’ve actually included in the program
exercises that directly address the lower back that I’ve had great success
with over the years, specifically focusing on regaining reflexive core
stability, the loss of which, is actually one of the main reasons for lower
back issues, apart from something really structural, like a spondylolysis
or spondylythesis. Even the effects of those can be controlled.

My suggestion is to go with your gut. If you decide to enroll in the
program and you find you’re not making the progress you want, please
let me know, and we’ll make sure that you’re doing everything correctly
or if we need to make some modifications. If you are or the modifications
don’t work, I’ll gladly refund your money.

Q: I have been following your emails about the 4 stages and it all really
makes sense. I’m definitely at Stage 1 with a lot aches and pains and I
need to lose quite a bit of weight.

I’m having problems with my right hip and have been hesitant to see
a doctor because I don’t want to take shots or get a possible hip replacement
at 57. I’m very upset that someone who once was very athletic now
feels like an old man moving around.

In your opinion can going through the 4 Stages help me build the
muscles to support the hip, or should I really see a doctor before starting
on this?

A: As someone who has had a lot of hip issues, what kind of hip pain
are you having? If it’s sharp or pinchy, I’d definitely go see your doc
and get it checked out. In fact, if you have any concern whatsoever
sooner rather than late, I’d get it checked out just to be safe and to
know exactly what you’re looking at instead of sitting around wondering.

As far as this program helping with that hip and the rest of your aches
and pains, well that’s what it’s designed for. Many of us have or have
had low grade pain/aches for years that we just tolerate as “part of life.”

That doesn’t have to be the case. The more we perform the right movements
that help us restore our natural function, more often than not, those aches
and pains just disappear because they’re a result of the our bodies trying
to compensate and move with those movement dysfunctions.

All that to say, regardless of the outcome of your hip, you should be
doing this stuff anyway. The sooner you get rid of your movement
compensations/dysfunctions, the sooner you can restore your natural
movement, and the better you’ll move.

Case in point: I just ran an obstacle course this morning and fought
off attackers along the way. 5 years ago I could’ve never have done that.
My body wouldn’t let me. Age is just a number. I’m almost 42 and I feel
better than I have since I was in high school.

Regarding any other injury – always go and get medical advice from a
qualified medical professional. It’s better to know exactly what you’re
dealing with than to guess and procrastinate and do nothing about it, like
I did for 3 months with my right hip. Best case scenario, there’s nothing
wrong and it’s just good ol’ fashioned movement dysfunction. Worst case
scenario, you have an injury that needs to be treated medically. Either way,
you know and can prepare.

Reserve your spot in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching Program

Q: I believe that I probably need to do only stage 1 for the next 6 to 12
months due to age, desk job, and lots of prior injuries. Would you
consider selling just stage 1 by itself?

A: No, I couldn’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair to you. This is a cycle so
it’s meant to be repeated. The next time through the cycle will be
different. Furthermore, each stage builds off the previous one. Think
of an upward spiral. That’s what this is.

My suggestion, if you’ll consider it, is to get in and do the first 2 months
and see how you feel. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you’re not,
I’ll gladly refund you.

Q: I can’t afford $77.77 per month. Regretfully ( because it has all
that I and many others are truly needing and interested in ) I will
have to pass on this new program because of the money and can
only hope and suggest that maybe in the future the 4 different
components of the program could be broken apart and sold less
expensively so that some of the rest of us in my position could
benefit as well. Thanks for your help, programs, and instructions.

A: I understand it might be out of reach for some people price wise. This
however, is unlike anything else I offer, except for true one-on-one services
or my private online coaching. Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching is meant
to be VERY intensive. In other words, I write the programs, and I take
you on a “deep dive” through each technique of each exercise, showing
you the nuances – the details that make a big difference and the mistakes
to watch out for.

This is what I would do if you were a one-on-one client or a private
coaching client. This takes time. For example, there are 15 videos that
comprise approximately 3 hours of footage in Month 1’s program.

In order to get this level of coaching, not to mention having me write a
program for you, it would cost you a minimum of $277 per month.
That’s what I currently charge for private coaching clients.

So there’s real value here to you. Primarily because you get 20+ years
of coaching, training, and teaching experience whittled away to the
points that count. I have not publicly offered anything like this to date.

Could you get this info somewhere else cheaper?

Without sounding like an arrogant jerk – I highly doubt it. I’m guessing
the average KB instructor charges $50 per hour.

Again, this is not for everyone. And that’s not a one of those “take away”
sales pitches.

There’s a certain level of commitment required by you to achieve your
goals and a certain level of investment required to reach them and not
everyone is willing to make that commitment or that investment. And
that’s ok. It doesn’t make you a bad person who kills kittens and pushes
over old people at bus stops just for fun. ;-)

This probably won’t apply to you, but to others it will:

What I’m about to say may sound harsh, but if the Kettlebell Secrets
Insider Coaching program is truly what you want and what you need, you
can find a way to make it happen. Take cash from the unhealthy areas of
your life, the areas that are holding you back, and redirect it to this.

That being said, I have no future plans to break apart this program and
sell it in pieces. If at some time in the future I do decide to do so, I’ll
let you know.

Enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program now and 
so you can start getting faster results with your KB workouts without
the hassle and frustration of wondering what you should be doing next.

Q: 1.) Will these workouts be different than those your Inner Circle
program or those in your books and ebooks?

2.) If I plan on beginning my training for the RKC/SFG early next
year (Feb-March) to take the certification between July – September,
will this 8-month program be suited for that?

A: Yes, these workouts are different than my Inner Circle program.
There are some similarities, which you’d expect, since I write all my
programs on the same philosophy and principles, but they are far
from identical. Plus, the level of coaching is uncomparable. There are
15 detailed exercise videos in Month 1 of KSIC that are almost 3 hours
long. I only give written descriptions in my IC program.

Furthermore, the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program’s structure
is completely different than my other programs. Again, many of the
same philosophies and principles are found inside, but the methods

Regarding the SFG/RKC cert training, remember that I taught at both
from 2006 to 2013, as well as having input on what we taught and how
we taught it. I am VERY familiar with what it takes to pass the SFG
(RKC, not so much since the split back in 2012. But I hear they’ve
made it less physical than it used to be.) I am very familiar with the
corrections that need to be made on each of the 6 lifts and the movement
compensations those corrections are designed to overcome.

You’ll overcome those movement compensations inside the KSIC because
they are more advanced than the ones you’ll find in the manuals, (because
that’s what Stage 1 is designed to do) and unlock your strength potential,
which means you’ll gain new levels of strength and conditioning you’ve
most likely never had before, which you’ll need for the SFG/RKC.

All that to say, “yes,” you’ll be ready to go for the SFG/RKC in 8 months,
unless you have some nagging issues that need to be addressed by a
specialist or are starting from ground zero. Then you’ll probably need
another 2 to 4 months or so to get ready for SFG/RKC.

Q: I’m interested in signing up for your coaching program, but I’d like
to know what the time commitment is. I have 3 kids, one of whom plays
tier 1 hockey so I travel 4 hours 4-5 times a week…As much as I’d
love to I can’t do it if it requires an hour or more each day. Can you
let me know what the general schedule is?

A: The workouts will never be more than 40 minutes, including warm
ups. Month 1 is 30 minute sessions, not including the warm up, 3 days
a week. I also suggest you do the warm up, called the “Reflexive Reboot
Mobility Circuit” every day – which will only take about 10 minutes.
You’ll see why I recommend this once you get inside.

Register now for the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program
and get faster results from spending less time working out. 

Q: Is this new program for women too, or just men only?

A: Great question. It’s definitely for women. And we have a number
already signed up.

It’s especially for women who have had kids, both natural and C-section,
and women who have had back pain or any other abdominal surgeries,
like hysterectomies, or appendectomies.

Why is that?

Because a woman’s body changes (for the worse) during pregnancy
and after she’s had kids. Being pregnant creates movement dysfunctions
and muscular imbalances that don’t automatically revert back to normal
once she’s given birth.

Examples are that little pouchy tummy you just can’t seem to get rid of
and a backside that doesn’t function the way it used to. The gluteus
maximus stops working as the prime mover in hip extension and is
replaced by a stabilizer – the gluteus medius.

The same patterns emerge from abdominal surgeries and lower back pain.

Failure to take care of these compensations results in further compensations
and a limit being placed on the amount of strength you can gain in other
areas and the amount of fat you can lose because your structure is off.

So fixing those weak points like we focus on in Stage 1 is critical to a
woman’s success in getting the results she’s looking for.

Q: Why is this new program so expensive compared to your other

A: I touched on this before, but quite simply, it’s a level of coaching
I’ve never offered before. It’s the “next” level – The closest thing to it is
“Kettlebell STRONG!”. It’s almost like a monthly version of that. (Maybe
I should’ve called it “Kettlebell STRONG! Insider Coaching”?). Yes,
it’s that level of detail. Plus, I’ll be interacting with YOU personally inside
a private forum designed just for this group giving you real-time and
daily feedback to your questions and concerns and making modifications
to your programming if and when necessary, just as if you were a one-on-
one client or private coaching client.

According to Dr Sal Arria, Director of the National Board of Fitness
Educators, the average personal trainer in the US charges $60-70 per hour.
That’s average. And for one hour.

So what you’re getting in the KSIC program is far above average and
way more detailed and in depth than you could ever get in just one
hour with a trainer or KB instructor for almost the same price as
just one session with one of them. Especially when you consider that
I’ve taught many kettlebell instructors how to become kettlebell instructors.

If you’re truly serious – not just “interested” – in making the next 8 months –
including overcoming the holidays and not having to stare down the dreaded
“It’s January again, and I have to lose another 10…20… however many
pounds again” – the best months of your kettlebell training to date –

Then enroll now in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program and 
get started in just a few moments.

Time is limited. And I will be closing down enrollment shortly.

Think that about covers it. If you can think of any other questions that I
didn’t address here, please hit “reply” back to this email and I’ll get
back to you.

Talk soon.


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